Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Experience A New Destination With Local Guides

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Experience A New Destination With Local Guides

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You find yourself breaking away from whatever overpriced tour you’re on to pave your own adventure. You can’t keep staring at major landmarks from the top of your double decker bus so you disembark. It’s time you experience local life with local guides and get the most out of your destination with Wandaroo.

1) Getting Out of The Tourist Traps

Waiting in long lines, paying overpriced rates, and only scratching the surface isn’t a vacation. Touring with a local guide gives you a better perspective of your destination and a better overall experience with a personal touch whether you’re chilling on a locals only beach or trying the favorite local restaurant.

2) It’s in The Details

Most tours don’t offer customized experiences with flexibility and direct contact with your tour guide. Wandaroo let’s you build out your own tour with InstaBook and optional Add-on Experiences for an enhanced tour. Have questions? You can instantly message your guide through Wandaroo’s messaging system.

3) Meet Locals, Leave as Friends

Exploring your destination with your local guide gives you a great opportunity to make great friends along the way. Locals with similar interests and knowledge of their area are ready to welcome you to your new favorite destination and show you the best time ever. The odds are high to meet as locals and leave as friends.

4) Craving More? Build A Wishlist.

You love your local experiences and now you can look forward to even more. Add experiences you’re interested in to your Wishlist for future saving and get updates on deals/availability at any time.

5) Be A Pioneer With The New Way To Travel

A unique local experience created by locals and customized by you is the new way to travel deeply. Wandaroo offers a local guide service that immerses you in your destination’s culture lifestyle. You’re likely to run into a casual conversation with a local along the way, so why not experience their town with the people who know it best for an even better adventure? Wandaroo locals list experiences for users to customize to fit their schedules and provide an insightful adventure for the user.