Tours By Locals: Getting Started As A Local Guide With Wandaroo

Tours By Locals: Getting Started As A Local Guide With Wandaroo

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Wandaroo is a new software and marketplace for tours and activities. Wandaroo was created by a team with a passion for traveling and a goal of getting the most out of new destinations with tours by locals.

Getting started as a local guide is easy. Check out our getting started section below:

Tours By Locals: Getting Started as a Local Guide

Do you know some of your city’s best lookout points, restaurants, breweries, art, etc.? If so, you can get started as a local guide in your city today for FREE. Local Guides can be anyone that is passionate about their city and wants to share some of the best experiences their city has to offer. Tours and activities by local guides is one of the best ways to submerse travelers into a new destination.

1) Sign Up
To get started, head over to and click “Sign Up” if you haven’t done so already. Go ahead and register by either filling out the form fields or by using our Facebook and Google integrations. Once you’ve registered, you’ll be redirected to your user dashboard.

Wandaroo Signup

2) User Profile
We recommend you start by filling out your User Profile. User Profiles that have a clear profile picture and a detailed “About” section help travelers learn more about you and your tour and activity listings.

  • Note: As users start to book and rate your experiences, a ratings feed will begin to populate on your public profile as well. Your ratings are your reputation so make sure to take care of your travelers and always reply to messages and booking requests as soon as possible.

3) Account Info
Setting up your account and banking info is also mandatory before you start listing public tours and activites.

Wandaroo does not have access to, nor do we store, any banking or credit card information from any user. All transactions, payouts, refunds, etc are handled through a third party provider: Stripe and their trusted payment system.

Once you’ve completed setting up your account information you can officially create and publish tour and activity listings. Once a tour or activity is published, users are able to view and book your listings. All transactions are handled through Stripe and funds you’ve earned will be automatically deposited into your bank account within 2-3 business days.

4) Listing An Experience
Now that your user profile and account information is set, click on the “Become A Guide” button in your nav bar. This will open the tour and activity portal for you to get started.

From your new Guide dashboard, click on the “Experiences” tab. Once you are on the experience screen you can click “Add an Experience”. This prompts an experience listing form that will start you on your way to successfully posting your first tour or activity.

List Experience


  • Upload at least 3 quality images related to your experience.
  • Be as detailed as possible when creating the Experience description.
  • Try our Add-On feature. It’s an opportunity to provide additional value to travelers while earning more income.
  • If a user messages you, you will find a notification on your dashboard once you are logged in.