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Seattle, WA

Mount Ranier National Park

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  • 11 Hours
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Mount Rainier is an active volcano currently at rest between eruptions. Capped by snow and 25 glaciers, it has been built up by untold eruptions over the last half a million years. It last erupted in 1894-5, when small eruptions at the summit were witnessed in Tacoma and Seattle.

Mount Rainier National Park is the oldest of the four national parks in Washington, and was the fifth national park in the USA parks system being designated in 1899. While young in geological terms, at an estimated 600,000 years old, Mount Rainier stands at 14,411 feet tall and is the tallest volcano in the lower 48 states.
We'll spend the day exploring, hiking/snowshoeing, discovering the history and ecology of this beautiful park

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