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Kailua-Kona, HI

Wild Dolphin Swim

  • Assistant
  • 3 Hours
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Imagine your first sighting of a pod of Hawaiian spinner dolphins. They swim effortlessly along in large social groups called “pods”. We approach cautiously and then suddenly there they are amazingly close, right next to the raft. Your captain, careful not to disturb them, follows along as they circle their resting area.

You suit up into mask and fins and gently slip over the side. Having been briefed on proper protocol, you gently float in the vicinity of the dolphin pod, hoping they will approach. Then it happens, the pod moves closer and you see them gliding along beneath you. You see a “keiki”, or baby dolphin, keeping close to its mother. You hear the “clicks” of their sonar and it seems like they are looking right at you!

A dolphin encounter is the experience of a lifetime. Hawaii’s spinner dolphins are a close knit family unit. Pods of dolphins frequent the Kona coast waters taking time to rest during the day before their nocturnal feeding schedule.

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