Sunrise & Sunset Picayune Ecojourney

with Wild Heart Ecojourneys in Naples, FL
  • 4.9 Stars
  • 1 to 4 People
  • 4 Hours
  • Kid Friendly
$75.00 Per Person
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This 4 hour experience gives you more than a taste of the Western Everglades. Picayune Strand State Forest is home to iconic native wildlife such as the Florida panther and American alligator. Cooler temperatures of the morning and early evening provide the best opportunity to view birds and mammals, while the sunny afternoon is great for finding reptiles!

About Wild Heart Ecojourneys
"Wild Heart Ecojourneys provides an entertaining and educational experience to ecotravelers with a wide-ranging knowledge of the natural world."

Our ecojourneys deliver the opportunity to re-connect our guests to the environment and its wildlife.

We want guests to acquire a similar passion for wildlife and wild places as every one of our guides.
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