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Promote with Wandaroo. Simplify how you promote your business. By using promotional tools from Wandaroo, you can create promo codes, gift cards, embeddable buttons and more.

Promo Codes

Create custom promo codes and discounts. Promo codes are a breeze to create and can help identify successful campaigns.

Gift Cards

Allow the gift of giving. Create custom Gift Card amounts for users to purchase and share your experience with a friend.

Easier purchasing. Easier management.
Right from your website.

Keep your site, add our button. There’s no need to have a new page or new site made to manage your business with Wandaroo and to accept payments. Add our “Buy Now” buttons to your own site and let us handle your payments. We won’t even charge you a credit card processing fee. We’ve got you covered.

Promote With Wandaroo Tools & Features

Promo Codes

Offer discounts for your experiences with discount codes.

Gift Cards

Ability to create digital gift cards, because sharing is caring.


Create upsells and other offerings with our Add-on feature.

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